Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Bucky Lays it Out. Get Busy!

Here it is. Bucky himself laying out the option. I'm writing this in 2008. That means we've had the power to achieve a working realistic "Utopia" for twenty-three years.

And since progress is exponential, we must be almost falling over ourselves with solutions by now. And we are. I'll post about them soon, but two of them are Permaculture and John and Nancy Todd's Living Machines.

Bucky was an engineer, when he made this proclamation it was on the basis of hard-headed scientific reasoning, informed by an unmatched apprehension of the world conditions and world resources at the time. Remember that he traveled the world, by invitation, some 80-odd times. Especially remarkable for a man who was born before the invention of the airplane, even before the Poles of the Earth had been reached by human explorers.