Thursday, January 31, 2013

Legos are my Poison

Legos are my poison of choice.  That LEGO Deathstar? Yeah, they've got my number.

For some it's model trains.

We tend to discount these activities because they are economically non-viable.  "Grown men playing with toys."

Well, are you in the manufacturing sector and not doing 3D printing and/or nanotech?  Go home, you are playing with toys. How about energy? Are you building a molten salt nuclear reactor? If not, you're just playing with toys. Are you in the health sector? Paying attention to Reiki? If you are not doing far out "energy healing" then you are just playing with toys.  Whatever those (as my mom calls them) "woo-woo" folks are doing there is something there. Let us do Science to It!

We are in that part of the S-curve that goes pretty much straight up and down and if you are not on the way up, brother you're going down.

If you are not preparing for a world of infinite energy and infinite malleability then you are, in effect, like a child playing with toys and refusing to deal with reality.  You should be feeling giddy or you're not doing it right.

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