Thursday, January 3, 2013


You are in the future, and wish to travel to the beach. The beach is far, far enough that today you would have to take a car. Here is how it is in the future:

You step outside and begin to walk.  The transport appears in front of you at a comfortable distance. It is a large sphere nearly the size of a house. There is very little sound and no wind.  The mechanism of the transport moves the air around the body of the vehicle in such a way as to prevent turbulence.

The doorway of the transport dilates and you continue your comfortable pace into the interior, which is simply a short path leading to the doorway at the rear of the transport.

You enter, the door closes, and the transport moves to the beach. It travels at a terrific velocity and can accelerate and decelerate extremely rapidly but these forces are not felt by you at all as you continue along the path within the vehicle.

The rear door dilates and you continue on towards the nearby beach.  The transport leaves to serve another user.

The entire trip within the transport lasted less than five seconds and throughout your journey to the distant beach you were simply strolling without breaking stride the entire time from your front door to the breakers.

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