Thursday, February 21, 2013

No Computers, No Money, No Cars

In "the future" there are no computers, no money, and no cars.

I wrote that to stimulate ideas about what "post-Singularity" life might be like.  We have some ideas about "Singularity" life, here's one example: an "Open Source Film Project"called "Heart of the Sun". The essential silliness of so much of this sort of techno-fetish fantasy stems from the lack of examination and comprehension of what one's "self" is.

Without going too far into it our "self" is that awareness of being at the core of us. We are that awareness, and everything else are only contents of our awareness.

It is typical to identify with our bodies, our emotions, our beliefs, our values, etc., and say, "I am..." to these contents.  But it can be easily shown that all of these contents, while having a temporary contingent existence, are impermanent and subject to eventual change and destruction.

(To get ahead of myself for a moment, this gives us the ultimate counter to trans-humanist fantasies: "And then what?")

We are awareness. All other phenomenon are contents of our awareness, including the entire physical Universe.

Now it doesn't matter what the contents are. You can be a starving homeless wastrel or a transhuman superbeing frolicking in the corona of the Sun, but if you haven't pierced the essential blindness of your condition you are just as trapped no matter what.

There is a direction which no one can point to, that leads to the place beyond places.

To arrive there is to pass beyond death and life, to remember yourself and return home.

(And there ain't any damn computers, nor money, nor cars there!)

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