Friday, April 12, 2013

Everybody Knows

So it turns out everybody knows.  So why doesn't everybody know?

I was reading "Boundary Algebra: A Simple Notation for Boolean Algebra and the Truth Functors" Meguire 2007 last night and he lays it all out, better than I ever could.  He mentions the NOR-gate thing in a footnote.  Everybody knows.

So why doesn't everybody know?

If there is only one utterly simple and direct notation interpreted in a few straightforward ways that opens the door to Logic (all kinds including circuits) Set Theory, mathematics, every kind of structured thought that we've been separately developing, doesn't it make sense to say that there "is only one" notation?

Aren't the others historical artefacts of the journey, the life, of ideas that led us to the place where we could articulate the Laws of Form?

Why not rebuild the edifice on such a foundation?  I double-dog dare you.

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