Saturday, April 6, 2013

What is left to be done?

Really, what is left to be done?

For the prepared mind the LoF formalism is the last thought one needs to have.  It becomes evident that you could regenerate the Universe from any least part of it ("in a grain of sand" and all that.)  And it also becomes obvious that one has access to the entire structure and knowledge of all the Universe, and that this exact moment is itself encoded and necessitated by the structure of structure, one has only to "grok", there is nothing else.

For the unprepared mind all the mystic stuff is just so much annoying woolly-headed crack-pottery.

The only thing in this for such a one is the (secular, temporal) advantages for building computing machinery.  This is fun, but hardly useful.  (I am speaking from the point-of-view of the Mystic now, where all Human experience is always and only for the purpose of transcendence and our temporal motivations are all revealed as mistaken attempts to achieve transcendence.  From this point-of-view all our fancy toys are just more "maya", distracting illusion.)

There are tremendous powers and abilities that we can "unlock" with our machines, but a sort of safety-net seems to operate naturally where people who are emotionally and rationally unprepared for the implications of the work are simply unable to approach it.

How many minds could stare at a page of equations and recognize "the Destroyer of Worlds"?  If the atom bomb were a secret and somebody tried to tell you about it you'd think he was mad, no?  Even with the equations in hand it would be extremely challenging to realistically imagine the in-some-sense-obvious consequences.

I have access to a well-stocked electronics lab and I am sorely tempted to develop some new physical machines with unexpected properties to "force" the issue, but at the same time, my real interest is in helping people transcend, not in developing more distracting technology.

Honestly, I should go find a cave on the top of a mountain somewhere and just consider myself lucky that no-one is trying to nail me to anything.

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