Thursday, April 18, 2013

There is a Universal Language

Over the last century a small group of researchers, working largely independently and in isolation, have discovered and refined an Universal Language.

This is a logic-symbolic notation, not a spoken language (i.e. not like Esperanto), that captures and expresses the essence of logical reasoning in a direct and unmistakable way.

The rules of logical reasoning (and Set Theory, etc.) expressed in the Universal Language admit of a decision procedure that is of unprecedented simplicity and power.

It is the alphabet of thought.

I'm still gathering threads and learning but I've compiled a few links and a bit of history:
  • C. S. Pierce, Existential Graphs, circa 1890
  • Spencer-Brown, "Laws of Form"
  • Bricken,
  • Shroup,
  • Burnett-Stuart,
For your sake and the sake of the children, go read this, and tell the people.

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